Best for individuals to prototype and validate ideas without distractions

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Best for teams to prototype, share and test ideas together in one place without codes

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Let's check out what's new in Mockplus RP!

Amazing Features, Unbeatable Prices!

Import Axure files for further editing and seamlessly move to the next step!
This new feature perfectly converts your Axure prototypes, allowing instant co-editing, testing, sharing, and handoff!


The perfect design collaboration and handoff platform for teams of all sizes

  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited project folders
  • Unlimited Admins

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A rapid desktop prototyping tool to design, prototype and collaborate.

Annual Billing Perpetual License
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Many designers and teams are making the switch from Adobe XD and Axure

Mockplus vs Adobe XD

Mockplus meets the needs of users better than Adobe XD, bringing more advanced features to communicate design ideas and intents clearly, such as:

  • A wider range of widgets and templates to jump-start
  • Rich interactions and animations that fit all design scenarios
  • Import Adobe XD files to collaborate on them instantly

Mockplus vs Axue

Mockplus simplifies prototyping compared to Axure, allowing you to experience the ease of visualizing any level of design and interaction without writing a single line of code:

  • Add lifelike interactions with drag-and-drop
  • Co-design on the same prototype by sending a URL
  • Import Axure files for instant reviewing, inspecting and handoff
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What's the difference between Individual and Team plans?

When choosing our prototyping tool Mockplus RP, you will have Individual plans and Team plans:
Individual plans are for personal use, and can only be applied to the Personal space. Best for designers, freelancers and anyone who doesn't need to collaborate.
Team plans are for collaborative use, and can only be applied to the Team space. Best for companies, organizations, and teams with 3 or more teammates to work together in one place.
Want to know more about the difference between Team space and Personal space? Check this guide.

What is Personal Space and Team Space?

When creating a Mockplus RP account , you can choose between a Personal space and a Team space. Personal space and Team space are independent of each other. But, you can transfer projects between personal space and team space according to your needs.
Personal space is a safe, private and undisturbed workspace for individual users to create, edit and manage projects on their own. Within this workspace, you can visualize, test and iterate your design ideas privately without affecting others. It is only available to you. Every user has only one personal space.
Team space is a central workspace for a whole team to collaborate on a project better together in one place. Within this workspace, you can freely invite coworkers to work on the same project at the same time and also remove anyone of them from your project or workspace when the situation changes. And all users can create as many team spaces as they need.

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