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Why do design teams choose Mockplus over Figma?

One place for your entire team

Figma is a web-based user interface design tool. Mockplus is more than a design tool. It's a web-based collaborative design platform built for the entire product design team. Everything is covered, from prototyping, designing, and collaboration to design-to-develop handoff, task and project management, design system and much more! And everyone in the process can benefit from Mockplus, literally.

Create prototypes that work like an end product

Figma is a great tool for prototypes and UI designs with simple interactions. When you need more advanced prototypes to validate your ideas better, Mockplus has got you covered. It offers nearly all possible interactions, transitions, animations, and gestures that you may need to mimic and validate users' actual behaviors. Moreover, you can also test it on real devices with a link.

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3000+ Pre-built icons and components, no plugins needed

With Figma, you have to run third-party plugins to add icons and components to your files. But you can get started faster in Mockplus without plugins. Mockplus offers over 3000 prebuilt static and interactive UI components, and delicate icons that fit all design scenarios. Simply drag and drop to use them.

Advanced & efficient team management

When it comes to team management, Figma offers a Team Admin role to manage members, permissions and other basic settings. Mockplus has all that Figma does and more. It's made for every team and also completely for free. You can just create different groups and assign different roles to manage your teammates and projects, and monitor your teams from start to finish with tasks and more!

Handoff way more than specs

Figma is a designer-centric tool and offers only simple handoff capablity like specs, properties and codes. But what developers need is way more. Mockplus translates your designs into developer-friendly formats and gives developers everything they need. In addition to basic specs, code snippets, developers teams can also access screen flows, design systems, PRDs, prototypes, revision histories and anything else they need to better understand design intentions and ship product faster.

One visual center for seamless collaboration

When using Figma, the process of handing off designs to non-designers is possible but painful. You might need more additional meetings with the team to explain details like layout. Mockplus provides a visual center of 5 functional sections: Comment, Review, Development, Prototype, and Presentation. These will provide you with a platform to get all your team's designers, developers, product managers, and other teammates working on the same page. No more meetings.

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Easily switch to Mockplus from Figma

It is easy for teammates using Figma to start their workflow on Mockplus seamlessly. With Mockplus Plugins for Figma, you can import all your design files in Figma into Mockplus to ideally discuss and collaborate on a project further.

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More features to make you fall in love with Mockplus

How does Mockplus compare with Figma?

Mockplus Figma
Advanced prototyping features
Vector-based UI design
Co-design in Real-time
Scalable design systems
Advanced developer handoff
Prebuilt icons and components
Task management
Role access control
Team management
Sync with Sketch, Adobe XD,PS, Auxure
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