Zeplin works as a handoff tool.
Mockplus integrates design into a workflow.

Mockplus combines real teamwork with online design tools - a collaborative platform where designers, developers and product teams work together in one place.

Faster and Smoother Handoff

  • More powerful design tool integration

    Apart from the online prototyping tool, Mockplus integrates with Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD and Sketch, allowing you to sync designs from those tools just like Zeplin. Axure prototypes can also be imported for futher collaboration.

    So, your entire team can gather designs from different tools, share and review together, leave comments and even hand off specs, assets and code snippets instantly in one place.

  • Full procedure handoff tool

    While Zeplin can only hand off design specs, assets, codes and styleguides, Mockplus helps you deliver almost everything for developers to start coding ASAP, including PRDs, wireframes, hi-fi prototypes, design specs, assets, code snippets and much more - every deliverable from different design processes can be united under one project and handed over to developers using one single link.

  • Smarter way to deliver and inspect design specifications

    In comparison with Zeplin, Mockplus provides more user-friendly and smarter features to deliver and inspect design specifications. It wins in the details.

    In addition to auto-generated specs like Zeplin, Mockplus offers 5 manual markup tools to help you manually mark design specs more accurately. Developers can hover or click on one or more elements to view all element measurements. The percentage specs also make it easy for developers to layout interfaces quickly and as acurately as the designer wanted.

  • Full-view storyboard, overview all pages and logic jumps at a glance

    View your entire design project with a bird's eye view. Automatically arrange your artboards as you do in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD or Photoshop. Combined with the logic lines, you can easily convey the relationships and logic jumps between pages with drag-and-drop. You can also add status tags to pages with different colors and icon shapes on your Storyboard to visually indicate the importance and completion status of the page.

  • Make amazing interactions and test early on

    Unlike Zeplin that gets you stuck sharing and collaborating on static UIs or projects, Mockplus helps you create and work on a fully interactive project.

    You can make quality UI interactions with a full range of triggers, animations and transitions directly online or try to animate static designs from other tools with drag-and-drop. The interactions created in Sketch and Adobe XD also work perfectly there.

    One click or a share link is all you need to preview and test those interactions on real devices.

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Design is a team sport. It's essential to keep your team on the same page all the time. Mockplus makes your design life much more comfortable. With Mockplus, you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. I love being able to review designs together, conduct brainstorming sessions online and create smooth handoffs for my developers.

UX architect and writer

More Inclusive and Effortless Collaboration

  • Review with your team like a breeze

    While Zeplin only has pins to comment on designs, with Mockplus you can use pins, rectangles, circles, arrows and straight lines to better convey your message to team members. Now you can leave more precise feedback.

    One glance tells you the number of unresolved comments on each page, making your review process more intuitive and straightforward.

  • Take full control of your design and review process

    In Mockplus, you can divide all design work into different tasks and keep tracking those tasks to better control your design and review process. Within tasks, you can comment not only directly on a single design page, but also review multiple pages or a whole project assoicated with the task quickly.

    The task panel can be hidden at the top of the workspace to access whenever you need it, so you can review the task while designing or viewing interface details. Both your review and design processes are integrated perfectly.

  • Customizable task management and workflow

    Mockplus provides customized task management for product design teams. You can create tasks, assign them to members, and set deadlines. The task can be associated with your projects and designs. Within the task you can access the latest design version and review it instantly. You can also customize the task lifecycle and process statuses that best suit the workflow of your team.

  • Smart PRD Writing

    Product Requirement Documents are incredibly important in ensuring your project is always in line with your end goal. Zeplin doesn't let you upload or view your PRDs. In Mockplus, you can write a PRD online, you can also insert tables, images, prototypes and designs for more detailed explanations. You can also gather feedback by pinning comments directly onto your PRD. The inserted prototypes and designs will be auto synced when changes are made to them in Design mode.

    At the same time, your designs and prototypes can also refer to the PRD you created or uploaded, so developers can quickly locate the document when viewing the design.

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Design + Collaboration, all in Mockplus

While Zeplin gives no any design capability, Mockplus provides a built-in hi-fi prototyping tool to help you get started by designing everything from scratch. Your entire team can collaborate on the same project or page at the same time to create interactive prototypes that look and work like the real thing, all in the web browser. Mockplus is so much more than a collaboration tool like Zeplin. It connects the entire product design workflow in one place.

Why our users choose Mockplus over Zeplin?

Mockplus Zeplin
Design tool integration PS/XD/Sketch/
Full-view storyboard
User flow creation
Page states
Reviews and comments
Switch between development platforms in one click
Automatic specs
Manual specs
Download assets in different formats
Animate uploaded static designs
Preview page interactions
Team activities
Project activities
Online PRD
Design resource management
Task management
Design systems
Online Designing & Prototyping
Vector tools
Artboard interactions
Component interactions
State interactions
Page interactions
Built-in versatile UI components
Built-in icons with two styles
Responsive layout
Flowchart diagramming
Real-time co-editing
Shareable design assets
Revision history
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