Why Mockplus is a better prototyping tool than Justinmind?

Justinmind requires a desktop application, while Mockplus is entirely web-based

Justinmind requires downloading and installing before starting a project, while Mockplus is a web-based platform accessible on any device with a browser, enabling immediate wireframing, prototyping, and testing without any installations required.

Justinmind has a steeper learning curve, while Mockplus is easy to use for beginners

When it comes to creating interactive interfaces, Mockplus offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows for quick prototyping, while Justinmind has a higher learning curve and may require technical expertise.

Mockplus allows for real-time collaboration with your teammates, but Justinmind fails you

Justinmind requires users to change the access of a shared project to work collaboratively, while also lacking the ability to co-edit the same screen. In contrast, Mockplus allows for direct, conflict-free co-editing of screens in real-time, enabling seamless collaboration between team members.

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A complete design solution for all creatives and teams

Justinmind offers features to create prototypes for sharing and testing, whereas Mockplus provides a complete design solution that connects the entire product design workflow in one place, bringing designers, developers, product managers, and stakeholders onto the same page for seamless collaboration.

Build prototypes at a lower cost with Mockplus

Justinmind provides a 7-day free trial, whereas Mockplus offers a free-forever plan with almost all of its exclusive features, making it an ideal option for all UI/UX designers to build fully functional prototypes at no cost, as well as students and educators to learn or teach.

Easily invite coworkers to collaborate with a single link

Reduce the hassle of inviting team members with Mockplus's single invite link, while Justinmind requires you to enter email addresses one by one. Team management and access management can never be easier on Mockplus.

No frustrations of developer handoff with Mockplus

Justinmind only offers a view of CSS styles and UI assets, while Mockplus provides automatic generation of assets, specs, and code snippets for all design platforms, allowing designers and developers to access what they need through a single link and eliminating the need for excessive handoff documentation.

Create interactive and animated UI designs easily

Create complex prototypes with dynamic content such as popups, carousels, and scrolling areas using Mockplus' Main and Sub-artboards special feature. Achieve a highly realistic representation of the end product.

Annotate or comment on designs for faster feedback

In Justinmind, commenting and designing are separated, making it difficult to associate feedback with specific design elements. With Mockplus, you can leave comments directly to any part of your interface using tools like Pin, Circle, Rectangle, Arrow, and Straight line. You can also reply to comments, tag team members, and iterate prototypes faster. This takes design discussions to a whole new level.

Easily scale your designs with reusable assets

Keep all your reusable design elements like colors, fonts, interactive components, and UI patterns in one place with custom asset libraries. Share them across your team and prototypes to ensure design consistency and speed up your workflow.

Streamlined project management has never been easier

It takes time to find your project in Justinmind since all projects are clustered in one location, whether you work solo or as part of a team. In contrast, Mockplus offers distinct workspaces for managing and organizing projects. Personal spaces provide undisturbed environments for individuals to experiment with prototype ideas, while team spaces provide a central location for collaborating on projects and shipping together more efficiently.

No more manual version control with Mockplus

Justinmind requires manual saving of revisions, while Mockplus has an effortless version control system. It automatically saves design changes every 30 minutes. This feature lets you track changes made to your files and easily view, restore, duplicate, and share any specific version you need with just a few clicks.

How does Mockplus compare with Justinmind?

Mockplus Justinmind
Platform Web-based Desktop-based
Vector drawing tools
Share projects via links
Auto-generate codes for all platforms
Navigation map
Make user flows
Personal workspace
Shareable asset libraries
State interactions
Co-edit in real time
Version control
Real-time comments and feedback
Axure import
Design annotations

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