Why Mockplus is the best Axure alternative?

While Axure is good for functional prototyping, Mockplus is ideal for designing, prototyping, collaborating and dev handoff for individuals and teams.

Easier to wireframe, design and prototype

  • Real-time collaborative editing

    Axure complicates collaboration and makes it hard for teams to work on the same page simultaneously while Mockplus allows as many team members you need to work on the same page at the same time in a breeze.

    No need to change any editing permissions, team members can simply enter your project and instantly start co-editing your design. You will see all changes appear instantly.

  • Simplified interaction making

    The complex interaction system in Axure makes it a little challenging for starters or less advanced designers to create functional prototypes from start to finish. Mockplus simplifies interaction making simply by allowing drag-and-drop from intended component to target, offering users unlimited possibilities to deliver design concepts vividly.

    With Mockplus, even a beginner can make lifelike web or app prototypes in minutes with powerful features, such as state interactions, vector drawing, responsive view, scrolling creation, auto recovery, the running of interactions simultaneously and more.

  • Share design assets across teams with a few clicks

    When it comes to sharing assets, Mockplus is far smarter and more advanced than Axure. In Axure, designers need to create a brand asset library (fonts and colors are not supported), then export and share its source file to members to manually import into their own library and edit their projects.

    With Mockplus, designers can add reusable brand assets, including icons, images, custom interactive components, colors, fonts and more, to their library. Because Mockplus is all online, there is no exporting and importing to individual libraries. Once your asset library is set up, it is ready to use across projects and teams anytime they want.

  • Rapid user flow diagramming

    Both Axure and Mockplus offer built-in shapes and connectors to make brief app flows to convey raw ideas at the very beginning of the design stage.

    Furthermore, Mockplus also lets you quickly create user flowcharts by connecting pages with drag-and-drop and adding descriptions on the logic jumps. You can also mark pages with colored tags to visually show the design status of pages.

    This way, you'll have a full birds-eye view of your page flow.

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Mockplus is very well thought out and allows us to create designs as quickly as possible with ease. We have several apps, that we've created mockups for, and we tried different tools, but currently we moved entirely to Mockplus. I think it's way too underrated (especially in Europe) and provides a great value!
Wladimir Alexi

CEO & Founder of Maground

Seamless developer handoff

  • Always sharing and reviewing in the Cloud

    If you finish a project in Axure, you have to manually upload it to Axure Cloud and then send the sharing link around. But your projects are always in the Cloud with Mockplus, without you having to manually upload or publish anything, your projects are saved and updated online to share with other team members.

    Click to get a shareable link and your team members and stakeholders can instantly review the project, mark a spot and pin their comments directly via that link. You can also manage and follow up their comments easily.

    Your Axure files can even be imported into Mockplus for the same process.

  • Personalized specs for hassle-free handoff

    While Axure only generates a separate Word spec document for developers, Mockplus automatically generates specs directly on designs and offers custom spec tools for manual redlining.

    When receiving the project, developers can enter the project with a link, then click or hover to see specs, before then exporting code snippets and the assets they require to make their app. This more granular approach saves any miscommunication as well as going back and forth when going over design details.

  • Design with your favorite tools

    Working in a team massively boosts productivity and innovation. When team members use different tools, however, there are often inefficiencies when trying to put a project together.

    Mockplus is a design hub and seamlessly integrates with tools that most design teams use: Axure, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop and Adobe XD. This openness allows your team to directly import design files from whichever tool your team members use to collaborate on them right away.

    Even a remote team can easily work together in the way they like. No more works will be abandoned, and no more sources files sending around.

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Mockplus is a great tool that we use for user experience and user interface projects and design system work at Ramotion. Our developers are especially grateful for having this tool in our stack.
Denis Pakhaliuk

CEO of Ramotion

Effective team collaboration

  • Customizable task management

    Mockplus gives a task management dashboard to create tasks, assign members, set due dates and manage either your own tasks or your team tasks visually. To speed up the task management process, you can even link your task to specific projects or artboards for faster access and a better review process. There, team members can comment on the task and change any status indicators if they need.

    This fully customizable review cycle meets the needs of different teams and allows team managers to have greater control.

  • Share the same brand language across teams

    A strong and unified visual language enhances brand recognition. When Axure doesn't have a full range design system support, Mockplus gives you the power to sync your brand assets (including colors, fonts, components, images and icons) from your favorite design tools to manage and share them with your team and reuse them whenever you need.

    Connect your design systems with projects, so you speed up your development process and reduce any potential implementation errors by having all brand assets in one easy-to-access place.

  • Write and manage PRD online

    PRD is such a handy tool for team members to understand the project goals, app flows and design logic. You cannot write or save a PRD in Axure. Mockplus embodies a dedicated section for you to write or share your PRD directly online, as you would in Google Docs. Insert design pages to your documents and keep them updated all online so everyone can review the documents at anytime. Whenever finished, share with a link.

    Mockplus also supports many other formats to upload your PRD, your team will never be unable to access your PRDs anymore.

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For me, the main advantage of Mockplus is that, in addition to the mandatory features that most solutions have, it provides a number of unique features out of the box like the ability to create storyboards, flowcharts, PDR documentation and all these without any 3-pty plugins.
Anton Suprunenko

Product Designer, Art-director

Why our users choose Mockplus over Axure?

Mockplus Axure
Published 2020 2003
App type Web Desktop app
Real-time co-editing online
Built-in UI components
Built-in icons
Main-artboards + sub-artboards
Component interactions
Artboard interactions
State interactions
Conditional logic
Vector drawing
Flowchart diagramming
User flow diagramming
Co-design the same project Easy, fast & auto-synced Complicated
Co-design the same page
Responsive design
Version control
Custom design asset libraries
Sharing asset libraries Click to share across projects Export & share library files
Sharing projects Click to share privately or publicly via a link Manually publish to Cloud & share around
Online PRD
Task management
Viewing layer data
Viewing design specs
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