Import from Axure to Mockplus RP

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Import your work with full details and move forward smoothly

Mockplus RP fully converts your Axure details, down to super small layers and interactions, giving you total freedom to move to the next step, like:

One click to import & free to further edit

  • It takes only one click and a few seconds to import your Axure file.
  • Once imported, 95% of your prototype details and interactions are preserved. So you and your teammates can immediately edit any text, shape and interaction exactly as you wish.
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UI/UX prototyping made super easy and fast

  • Bring your web or app ideas to life at lightspeed using reusable and customizable design assets and templates, and add interactions that work like the real deals with simple drag-and-drops.
  • Co-work with your team in real-time, bringing everyone's creativity together for a better result.
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Design-to-code workflow covered in one place

  • Invite designers, developers, product managers and other members into one place, and seamlessly design, prototype, collaborate and handoff with auto-generated design specs, assets and code snippets, setting designers and dev teams free to focus on what truly matters. No more time wasted.
  • Your design-to-development workflow is simplified into a single link.
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Effortless design asset management, consistent and safe

  • Create design systems together with customizable libraries, and share with your whole company to keep all designs consistent.
  • The role-based access management also makes this even much easier and safer.
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Mockplus RP vs Axure

While Axure requires a design base for prototyping and lacks real-time collaboration and handoff, Mockplus RP makes team designing and prototyping a piece of cake, and connects a whole product design workflow in just one central hub.

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Real-time co-design
Drag and drop interactions
State interactions
Shared design assets
Flowchart diagramming
Simple sharing and testing
On-screen comments
Designer-developer handoff
Customizable task management
Online PRD writing and management
Instant support
"Main artboard + sub-artboard" suite
Artboard interactions
Smart layout
Version history
Inspect layer measurements, redlines and other design specs
Add and share design annotations
Custom features
Downloadable assets
Simple team data transfer
Export member information
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