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Free offer for students and teachers

Who can get the exclusive offer?

We believe fresh minds define the future of design, thus, we’re making this offer available to all students, teachers, and educators.

What will you get?

Free offers for Students, Teachers and Educators:

* University/College Students, FREE Pro Subscription for 1 month.

* University/College Teachers, FREE Pro Subscription for 6 months.

* Educators, FREE Pro Subscription for 6 months.

The “Educators” should be engaged in UX/UI design or other design training positions or organizations.

How do I get this offer?

Simply provide proof of eligibility and email us at support@mockplusapp.com

Your verification docs should be attached with a PDF or image format. And we will be in touch within 3 business days.

* Students, a student ID card required.

* Teachers, a teacher certificate required.

* Educators, an employee's card required.

Meanwhile, please provide us with your contact information. If you are applying for students or classes, please provide proof of student status and quantity. We accept transcripts and class lists that clearly display students' names and enrollment date.

Short learning curve

It is fast to learn Mockplus and it is completely code-free. It is easy for teachers and students to get started, so you can focus on design only, not on learning how to use a tool.

Learning anywhere, anytime

Just log in and sync your design. Students can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device, such as iOS and Android.

Evaluate learning performance

Teachers and students can work together. Students will receive feedback and make improvements based on the teacher's advice, and teachers can track and report key performance metrics.

Education-specific supports

Visit our Help Center for any questions. We have a massive collection of samples, tutorials and videos relevant to your teaching needs. Tech support is ready to assist 24/7/365.

Account Authorization

Universities, colleges, and teachers will have the right to manage, authorize, and transfer valid accounts among classes.

Career opportunities

It is students who will design the future. Mockplus empowers students to think creatively and convert their classroom ideas into college and career opportunities.

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