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Top 20 Inspiring React Website Examples & Templates

Sep 1, 2023 140791

React is a JavaScript library used to build user interfaces. When a website uses React, it becomes livelier and more interactive compared to one built with just HTML, and it also can be more advanced and intricate than a website using WordPress. That's why big brands like Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb use React for their websites.

If your company is considering designing a React website, we've selected 20 of the finest ReactJS website examples and templates to get inspiration and deepen your understanding of React websites.

No matter why you choose to create a website using ReactJS, consider using our web design tool to visualize and test your design ideas in advance.

What is a React website?

A React website refers to a specific type of website built using the popular React JavaScript library. React is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to construct dynamic and interactive interfaces by efficiently managing and updating the components of a web page as the data changes.

As a component-driven development library, React enables developers, teams, and organizations in different locations to build and reuse components throughout a project, while also collaborating on the same project simultaneously. This collaborative approach significantly streamlines the process of completing a project.

Consequently, numerous teams and companies around the world opt to create React websites in order to expedite their website building and development processes.

Is React good for websites?

Yes. If you're aiming to create a dynamic and interactive website, using React is definitely a strong option. Here are the reasons why ReactJS is beneficial for your website projects:

  • Reusable and time-saving: React's component-based architecture allows teams to break down interfaces into reusable components. This makes it simple for the entire team to reuse and manage complex user interfaces effortlessly, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

  • Easy to scale and maintain The reusable components and codes make it easy for teams and companies to maintain even after the website has been published. When adding a new feature or section to the website, the reusable UI components make it easy for them to start and scale as quickly as possible.

  • Faster loading: React employs a virtual representation of the actual Document Object Model (DOM) to render updates. This efficient approach enables React to update only the necessary parts of the DOM, resulting in improved performance and faster loading speeds.

  • Suitable for cross-platform development React can be used not only for web development but also for building native mobile and desktop apps using frameworks like React Native. This can save developers time and effort when targeting multiple platforms.

  • SEO-friendly: Utilizing server-side rendering (SSR) and tools like Next.js, React applications can be optimized for search engines. This optimization enables search engine crawlers to accurately index a page before delivering it to the browser, enhancing the SEO-friendliness of React websites.

Why React is good for websites

In summary, React websites are an excellent choice for teams and companies looking to create interactive and intricate user interfaces more easily and efficiently.

Which one is the best for your website, React, HTML or WordPress?

The answer actually depends on your needs:

  • If you tend to create a static website with a good performance, HTML would be good;

  • If you opt for websites with much content displaying, like blogs or news, WordPress would be the choice.

  • If you merely want a website with complex user interfaces and interactions, React is perfect.

Therefore, regardless of the scenario, it's important to discern your goals and needs before making a decision.

How to build a website with React?

Step 1. Set up your development environment and install the related React package.

Step 2. Make your own interactive components based on the React component

Step 3. Style your React components

Step 4. Test and iterate

Remember that this is a simplified overview. As you delve deeper into building with React, you might encounter more advanced concepts and libraries that can enhance your development process and the quality of your website. Just check this React tutorial to view all the detailed steps.

20 best React website examples and templates

After gaining some fundamental knowledge of React's website, let's take a look at a collection of 30 best examples and templates. This will provide insight into how you can efficiently craft your very own React website in the near future:

Best react website examples

1. Facebook


Facebook, the renowned online social networking platform, stands as the pioneer in employing React. Interestingly, the development team at Facebook conceptualized ReactJS in 2012 and utilized it to construct their website. This demonstration underscored to the world the remarkable advantages of React websites in contrast to conventional HTML and WordPress-based solutions.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest is a widely recognized social media website that enables users to discover inspiration in various domains such as UI/UX design, culinary recipes, fashion, and more. This is achieved through sharing and searching for relevant images. The online platform also integrates Gestalt, an open-source React UI component library, further enhancing its capabilities.

As a platform experiencing a growing influx of images and design resources, the incorporation of React components plays a pivotal role in efficiently processing diverse image and search data. This results in a seamless and expedient user experience.

3. Neflix


Netflix is a popular streaming platform that offers TV shows, movies, and more to people worldwide. They use different technologies to make the website better, like ReactJS.

They use ReactJS to make parts of their website interactive. This helps users easily watch their shows and movies on different devices, like smart TVs, phones, and tablets.

This example suggests that you might consider using ReactJS to enhance the performance of specific sections on your website, even if you can't use this technology for the entire site due to certain reasons.

4. Instagram


Instagram stands as a social networking platform that empowers users to effortlessly share photos, stories, reels, and videos across the globe while fostering connections. Both its web and mobile applications prominently leverage ReactJS.

Through the comprehensive utilization of ReactJS, Instagram's wide spectrum of features, including Google Maps APIs, photo feeds, dynamic tags, geolocation services, live stories, and an array of user-friendly functionalities, are seamlessly crafted. This strategic implementation enhances the user experience, contributing to a highly engaging and enjoyable interaction and user experience.

5. Product Hunt

 Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an online website where users can discover and share new products, startups, and technologies. Many companies also make this website a good place to rank and expose their brands and products. The online website of Product Hunt is also based on ReacJS, which uses React codes to handle all possible interface microinteractions and details of each product and post.

6. Airbnb


Airbnb functions as a popular online platform that enables individuals from all over the world to discover hotels, houses, and rent apartments, among other options, when they are traveling for leisure, business, or temporary accommodations. 

The company announced its adoption of React frameworks and libraries to construct its mobile apps in 2016, citing the efficiency of its development process and the cross-platform capabilities it offers. The growing number of mobile users further validates Airbnb's decision.

Therefore, if you are working on a design project with cross-platform capability, you might also consider utilizing React.

7. Asana


Being a widely used online project management tool, Asana offers robust team collaboration features and seamless integration capabilities with various daily-use tools like Microsoft Teams, Jira, Slack, and many others. Notably, its API explorer, built using React components, significantly enhances its potential for powerful integrations.

8. BBC


The BBC, a household name, stands as a renowned news website that disseminates up-to-the-minute breaking news, sports updates, television and radio content, and an array of other offerings to a global audience. Notably, both its online website and mobile app have been constructed using ReactJS. This distinctive JavaScript technology approach facilitates seamless access for users across both server and client ends, ensuring effortless navigation to the website. Even users without JavaScript support can access a fundamental version of the page.

9. Uber


Uber serves as a prominent online platform, offering users convenient access to rides, deliveries, and various transportation options. This innovative service seamlessly connects individuals capable of driving and making deliveries, allowing them to effortlessly reach their target audience.

And Uber's development team exhibits a strong affinity for ReactJS, utilizing this technology to guarantee optimal website performance across multiple devices, including computers, laptops, and mobiles.

So, ReactJS emerges as an ideal selection for teams and enterprises seeking responsive web solutions, underscoring its suitability in crafting responsive websites.

10. Outlook


Outlook stands as a premier personal information management solution, renowned for its exceptional email services. Embracing cutting-edge React UI technologies, both its web interfaces and mobile applications deliver a seamless and effortless user experience to a global audience.

Best react website templates

11. Repeat


"Repeat" represents a contemporary React website template specifically designed for the sale of beverages and similar products. The template boasts an array of distinctive features, including oversized fonts that capture attention, fluid and engaging interactions that enhance user immersion, and a captivating blend of colors. 

This option is particularly well-suited for teams and brands in search of a React-based website that effortlessly infuses a sense of novelty and awe-inspiring aesthetics.



Are you in search of inspiration to craft an exceptional portfolio website? Look no further than MR.POPS. This React-based portfolio template offers a seamless user experience and is designed to be highly visually appealing. With its personalized fonts, web layouts, color combinations, and illustrations, MR.POPS enables users to create a distinctive portfolio website that captivates attention at first glance.

13. Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery stands out as an exceptional React web template, offering a compelling illustration of how to skillfully utilize an asymmetric layout to impeccably showcase artworks, images, or even a website's products. The template incorporates a diverse range of layouts that warrant thorough examination and consideration for integration into your personal web projects

14. Vape SuperStore

Vape SuperStor

If you're in search of a React-based online store, Vape Superstore stands out as a must-visit website template that promises to spark your inspiration.

This template offers crisp and organized grid layouts, providing an ideal platform to present a comprehensive range of products. Additionally, the template boasts intuitively designed product detail pages, ensuring a seamless and engaging browsing experience for potential customers.

15. The Dormy House

The Dormy House

The Dormy House stands as another prime example of a React-powered minimalistic website. This platform offers a compelling choice for teams in search of a website to market high-quality furniture, soft furnishings, home decorations, and related items.

Its minimalistic design not only accentuates the showcased products but also effectively eliminates visual clutter. The incorporation of immersive interactions and animations further enhances user navigation, providing a seamless and captivating browsing experience.

16. Trydo Agency Portfolio Template

Trydo Agency Portfolio Template

Trydo emerges as a versatile portfolio website template, leveraging cutting-edge React technologies to deliver exceptional performance. Boasting a contemporary design and rapid loading capabilities, users are empowered to select the optimal landing page option that aligns with their vision. This template's full editability empowers you to swiftly craft personalized online portfolio websites, making it an invaluable resource for efficiently showcasing your work.

17. PickBazar Ecommerce Template

PickBazar Ecommerce Template

If you're seeking a React website template to elevate your online business presence, look no further than PickBazar. Tailored specifically for online businesses, this template offers a plethora of features designed to effectively showcase and promote your products or services. From its tidy and organized grid layout to its user-friendly admin dashboard, PickBazar equips you with tools like a captivating hot sale showcase slide and more.

This template proves to be an ideal match for a diverse range of websites spanning various product categories, such as Grocery, Bakery, Makeup, Daily essentials, Fashion and Apparel, Books, Accessories, and beyond. Whether you're in the business of selling goods or services, PickBazar is poised to be your dependable ally in cultivating a compelling online presence and driving growth.

18. Pekko Portfolio Website

Pekko Portfolio Website

Dark style portfolio websites become extremely popular within designers and artists.

For those contemplating the creation of a dark portfolio website, Pekko emerges as an indispensable React template worthy of exploration and analysis. 

Characterized by its minimalistic interfaces, seamless navigational elements, and thoughtfully crafted layouts, Pekko offers a canvas to manifest your creative vision in an elegant and sophisticated manner. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned designer, Pekko stands as an invaluable resource to inspire and guide the development of your dark-themed portfolio website.

19. Skote React Dashboard Website

Skote React Dashboard Website

 In the contemporary landscape of online websites, admin dashboards have emerged as indispensable tools. Addressing this need, Skote presents itself as a comprehensive Admin React dashboard template that streamlines the process of crafting your very own dashboard with remarkable ease. Offering both light and dark mode options, Skote empowers you to seamlessly tailor your dashboard to your preferences.

By replacing select images, adjusting colors, or refining element details, you can effortlessly fashion a customized dashboard that aligns perfectly with your vision. Skote emerges as a reliable and versatile solution, simplifying the creation of admin dashboards and granting you full creative control.

20. Blogar Website

Blogar Website

Blogar stands out as an exemplary React web template tailored for online blogs, magazines, and news websites. With its impressive repertoire of over 25 editable pages, it offers a robust foundation for crafting dynamic and engaging platforms.

This template's responsive design guarantees seamless functionality across a spectrum of devices, from mobiles to desktops. Thanks to the integration of React components, Blogar not only ensures optimal loading performance but also enhances the overall user experience. Whether you're a blogger, a magazine publisher, or a news outlet, Blogar proves to be an ideal choice for elevating your online presence with efficiency and style.


  • Is React still popular in 2023?

Yes. React is still a highly popular front-end JavaScript library even in 2023. And recent surveys share compelling statistics that prove this fact: Presently, 11,908,579 websites employ React for their interfaces, with an impressive 42.62% of developers globally opting for the React framework and library to complete their development projects.

  • Is React good for big websites?

Yes. React's component-driven architecture, virtual DOM rendering, and efficient state management, among other benefits, position it as an ideal choice for developers to navigate the intricacies of large-scale websites. Its features empower developers to seamlessly reuse, manage, and scale their projects as their websites or businesses expand, ensuring a robust and adaptable solution.

  • Is React SEO friendly or not?

Yes. React is definitely SEO-friendly. React adopts many seo-friendly techniques, such as server-side rendering, static site generation, proper meta tag usage and more, to make sure that search engines can crawl, index, and rank your React website.

  • Does Netflix use React?

Yes. Actually, due to React‘s powerful features and benefits, many big brands, like Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix, adopt React to create their web pages and the related software and apps.

  • Is React faster than WordPress?

Yes. As detailed earlier, React leverages the virtual DOM and reusable components, resulting in a streamlined process for loading user interfaces. Consequently, websites built with React typically exhibit swiffer loading times compared to those developed using WordPress.


Overall, React websites have become very popular among the developers community. If you and your team are also contemplating a venture into React for your website construction, we trust that this compilation of 30 React website examples and templates can offer valuable inspiration for crafting your unique online presence.

While working on your website, also do not forget to use some prototyping tools and collaboration tools to fully test and refine your design concepts beforehand.

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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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