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New Features > New Mockplus Prices - Save up to 28%!

New Mockplus Prices - Save up to 28%!

Jul 21, 2022 108075

Key pricing changes you should notice:

  1. Mockplus Cloud and Mockplus RP now have separate prices for individuals and teams, now you can save up to 28% with our new pricing plan!
  2. Mockplus Cloud plans are updated with a Guest role to remove collaboration barriers for new members, guests and others.
  3. Mockplus RP introduces a new Personal space for individuals and freelancers to unleash their design ideas in a safe and undisturbed place.

To better align our pricing with what our dear users need, we've recently updated our pricing, allowing everyone to buy Mockplus RP or Mockplus Cloud separately, with a more preferable price (save up to 28%). 

A new Guest role has also been added to help users have better control over the pricing plans of Mockplus Cloud.

Let's dive into the pricing changes now!

Mockplus Cloud pricing changes

To help teams focus on their design collaboration and handoff, we now provide Free and Pro plans. The Free plan is still the same and will remain free forever. The Pro plan has also been upgraded.

New Pro plan saves you up to 25%

The new Pro plan is now upgraded with even more premium features, allowing you to add unlimited projects, design pages, tasks and Admins. Everyone can buy it at a much cheaper price:

New Pro plans

New Guest roles remove collaboration barriers

The new upgraded Pro plan not only comes with more premium features. It also lets you invite unlimited Guests to view your projects without requiring membership approval, effectively removing the collaboration barriers for new members, guests and others.

Go to the Mockplus Cloud pricing page

Mockplus RP pricing changes

To meet the increasing demands of our users who want to use Mockplus RP’s prototyping features separately, we are also releasing a new set of prices for both individuals and teams to get prototyping features. The Personal space and Team space are also introduced for users who need separate workspaces to store and manage their projects in a safe and undisturbed space.


New Individual plans

New Individual plans, including the Free, Annual, and Perpetual plans, are introduced for individuals and freelancers working alone to validate design ideas on their own.

New individual plans

New Team plans, saving up to 28%

New Team plans, including the Free and Ultimate plans, are now available to help teams co-work on the same prototype at the same time. The Free plan is free forever, offering all of the advanced prototyping features. The Ultimate plan has all prototyping features of the Free plan, and also includes all design collaboration and handoff features. Everything you may need during your entire product design workflow is covered in this pricing plan.

You can also buy the Ultimate plan at a much lower price:

New team plans

Personal and Team workspaces

To meet the needs of different designers and teams, we have also introduced the Personal space and Team space to help you manage projects in separate workspaces. (Learn more about workspace)

Personal space offers a safe and undisturbed workspace for individuals and anyone who does not want to collaborate with others to fully visualise, test and iterate their ideas without distraction.

Team space offers a central hub for a whole team to collaborate on the same project together better in one place.

Go to Mockplus RP pricing page

Other pricing changes you should know:

1. If you are already a subscriber, your purchased plan will not be affected

User experience is always our top priority. To ensure your work isn't affected by these pricing changes, the old Pro and Ultimate plans you've subscribed to will not be affected. You can feel free to use all premium features as before until these plans expire.

Once your plan expires, you will have to subscribe to a new pricing plan to continue using Mockplus.

2. Buy at least 3 users when subscribing to the new Pro and Ultimate plans

To help users fully enjoy the design collaboration of Mockplus, after this release, you can buy at least 3 users when placing an order of Mockplus Cloud's Pro plan or Mockplus RP's Team Ultimate plan.

If you are already a subscriber, this will also not affect you. You can continue using Mockplus as before until your subscribed plans expire.

If you have any questions about this new pricing, please contact

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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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