New in May
Released:  May 16, 2024
What's new
This time, we mainly improved some features and fixed bugs.
  • Improved the clarity of exported PDF files.
  • Improved the style of the Preview mode.
Bug fixes
  • Fix: The border color codes could be saved with more than 6 digits and displayed incorrectly in upper or lower case.
  • Fix: Fixed the alignment issue of the Tab Bar components.
  • Fix: Your copied share links might not be right under poor network conditions.
  • Fix: The property display issue after switching between different chart components.
  • Fix: You were unable to view the background of sub-artboards when previewing projects through our mobile app.
  • Fix: Fixed the the abnormal display of progress numbers when uploading images for the Carousel component.
  • Others
New in March
Released:  Mar 4, 2024
What's new
After recent release, you can easily adjust item widths based on text length in components like Tab Bar.
  • Improved the widget likes Tab Bar, which allows you to adjust item widths based on the text length.
  • Improved some components like Number Input, Input, and similar widgets, which enables you to specify the max decimal places.
Bug fixes
  • Fix: Your project or page name may be exported with illegal or abnormal characters.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 6, 2024
What's new
This time, we focused on fixing some issues related to basic editing and interaction.
  • New ability to quickly edit the page name after creating a new page.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect default image filling for Carousel component.
  • Fix: The locked image cannot be successfully cropped.
Interaction and preview
  • Fix: Fixed the abnormal animation effects for artboard interactions.
  • Fix: The device frame may not show up in Preview mode.
  • Fix: The creator of your imported Axure files might not be displayed.
  • Fix: After publishing projects to Mockplus Cloud, the sub-artboards and Content Panels might be incorrectly resorted.
  • New ability to automatically guide Collaborators to the preview mode when attempting to access the edit mode.
  • New ability to apply the dark appearance to the top toolbar.
New in Jan
Released:  Jan 10, 2024
What's new
Check the following new features:
- New ability to make sub-artboard visible with a background color, border, shadow and more
- New components, like Rose and Funnel charts
  • New guide for users to better learn and use sub-artboards.
  • Improved the note typing. The typing box of the note now fits to your text notes automatically.
  • Fix: You may get an incorrect order issue when using "Alt + drag" to clone layers.
  • Fix: The table cell content may not display after editing.
  • Fix: Your modification to the table cell may not take effect after using the Smart filling.
Interaction and preview
  • Fix: Fixed the preview issue caused by setting "Always on Top" in the Dynamic panel.
  • Fix: The pagination buttons of a carousel could only respond once during the preview.
  • Improved the RP file importing. You will be auto navigated to the first page of your imported file after the importing.
  • Improved the project operation on the project homepage. You can now freely do some operations to your project through right-click menus on the project homepage.
  • Fix: Fixed some problems of the new desktop version.
  • Fixed other problems.