New in Oct
Released:  Oct 31, 2023
What's new
This time, we updated the following:
- New beta feature to import Axure files for further editing and collaboration
- New default components, like Dynamic Panel, Accordion Menus, Gauge chart, and more
- New ability to export artboards as PDF files
- New ability to automatically fill images and texts
- New Dark and Light themes for your preferences
  • New Dynamic Panel, allowing your to quickly create smooth carousels, slideshows and content switching effects. You even nest the Dynamic Panel component with each other to create more complicated content switching design.
  • New Accordion component that helps to create expandable menus with just clicks.
  • New Gauge chart component makes it easy to visualize data in a dial format.
  • New ability to help you quickly fill the image and text elements of your designs in just clicks.
  • Improved the component library interface and interactions.
  • New ability to style the selection of the Single-select Droplist.
  • New ability to show or style the background lines of chart components.
  • Improved other properties of chart components.
  • New shortcut to expand or collapse all layer nodes using "Ctrl + Click".
  • Improved the maximum height limit of the artboard to be 50,000 px.
  • Improved some compound components. You can now input spaces in the names of some compound components' items.
  • Fix: The order of pages within a group may be disordered after copying and pasting that page group.
  • Fix: You may disable any artboard options when dragging the artboard.
Interaction and preview
  • New option for you to overlay artboards when setting interactions. You can now choose to simultaneously show multiple sub-artboards or show only one to auto close the others.
  • New ability to delete an interaction with right-click menu.
  • New ability to set a Mouse Hover state for components like Single-select Droplist, Multi-select Droplist and Number Input.
  • Adjusted the share link in the Preview mode's address bar. It is now only accessible to project members and requires a login to view design details. And your previously shared links are not affected by this.
  • Improved the preview link sharing. The shared preview link is accessible to everyone, even without a login.
  • New ability to make popups by linking artboards on different pages.
  • Added two trigger options for Multi-select Droplist components: Got focus and Lost focus.
  • Added support for setting an "Close Artboard" command across pages. Simply put, you can now click components in artboard A to close an popup located in artboard B, even if they're on separate pages.
  • Improved the preview link resetting. You will now receive an reminder to first disable the password protection before any resetting.
  • Fix: Group state changes may not take effect during previewing.
  • Fix: The layer states weren't being restored after switching pages.
Project management
  • New ability to upload local images as project covers or directly remove project covers.
  • New ability to upload the same RP project to different prototypes within a Cloud project.
  • New project options: Apple Watch and Car infotainment.
  • New feature to export artboards as PDF files.
  • New feature to export artboards as images with the option to select an export scale or choose to export only the main artboards.
  • Enhanced the stability of image exporting.
  • New ability to display the usage count of an asset in the asset management popup.
  • Fix: The mask didn't close when closing sub-board during mobile presentations.
  • Fix: The setting for sharing preview link on the project homepage may not work.
  • Fix: Your content in a Content Panel may not display after being published to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fixed other problems.
New in June
Released:  Jun 29, 2023
What's new
This new release brings many new features:
- New built-in UI component libraries for iOS, Material Design, Bootstrap and many more.
- New Combo Chart component to further enhance the data visualization capabilities.
- Export artboards, layers, and components as images
- Share or publish specific pages of your project.
- Import SVG images for further editing and customization.
- New icons for food, finance, and nature.
- Manually save or delete revision histories.
Components and icons
  • New UI component libraries for iOS, Material Design, Bootstrap and others provide more component styles and variants to help you prototype faster.
  • New icons in food, finance, and nature categories are added to simplify your prototyping.
  • New property to adjust the label angle of the chart components.
  • New property to help to set the corners for the Text Area component.
  • New text length limit added for the Text Area component.
  • Adjusted the default height of the Date Picker and Time Picker to be 30.
  • Improved the border effect of the Web View component.
  • Fix: Fix the blur issue that occurs when adding shadows to Table components.
  • Fix: The corner settings of the Carousel component may not work.
  • Fix: The alignment setting of some components may not work.
  • New reminder to guide users when double-clicking a layer selected by others.
  • New ability to import SVG images, convert them to vector shapes and further edit them to match your design needs.
  • New shortcut keys "Ctrl + F" to find and replace text.
  • Improved the mouse cursor style in the editing mode.
  • Improve the display of search results in the Page Tree, allowing you to directly access the page within the page group.
  • Fix: You may not adjust the vector path points when setting the corner of a rectangle.
  • Fix: The duplicate component IDs may cause some trouble for you to find and replace texts.
  • Fix: The opacity setting of your artboard's background color may not work.
  • New ability to export components, layers and artboards as images.
  • Added support for displaying a progress bar during the export process.
  • New ability to export artboards with transparent backgrounds.
  • Improved the speed of image exports.
  • Adjusted the button for downloading and exporting. You can now export artboards as images, download offline prototypes and also export RP files by clicking the Download button at the right upper corner.
  • Changed the "Export artboard" option in the right-click menu for images and icons to "Export artboard as image," which will also allow you to download them in their original format.
  • Fix: Fix the issues related to failed exports, crashes, and incorrect text font rendering caused by oversized preset font files.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue of export image size deviation caused by layer shadows.
  • New option to sort projects by names on the project homepage.
  • Fix: You may still export all data even when you're trying to download partial pages of your offline prototype.
  • Fix: You may fail to export some large artboards.
Interaction and preview
  • Changed the strategy of copying and pasting pages. If there are multiple page or artboard interactions, the new interactions will overwrite the old ones.
  • Added support for a "Close artboard" option to close a sub-artboard when setting popups or models.
  • Fix: The trigger of your prototypes may not work on mobile devices.
  • Fix: The command lists may not be expanded when setting the interactions.
  • Fix: Some interactions may get lost when saving components as assets.
  • Fixed other interaction problems.
  • Increase the size of the control points of the flowchart connectors.
  • New expiration reminders to remind users.
  • New card design for users to check the pricing plan details, allowing them to timely upgrade or renew their plans.
  • New reminder to help users when a local storage issue appears.
  • Fix: Some errors may occur when using the Eyedropper tool in the Chrome browser.
  • Fix: The content of your text components may be changed after batch-modifying line-height properties.
  • Fix: When the Tree component has been saved as a Regular asset, its instances may become blank.
  • Fixed other problems.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 14, 2023
What's new
We're introducing some new features to simplify your prototyping:
- Choose whether to export the asset library when exporting RP files.
- Add audio and videos to your prototypes using URLs.
- Specify the zoom ratio manually when editing prototypes.
  • New ability to add a placeholder for the Number Input component.
  • New feature to adjust the corner radius of the Text Area component.
  • Support adjusting the border's visibility of some components like Button, Input, Tree, and more.
  • Support changing the inner padding of some components like Single-select Droplist, Multi-select Droplist, and Number Input.
  • Improved the settings of some compound components' default text styles and the selected text styles.
  • Projects and pages
  • Improved the responsive scaling of the top toolbar.
  • Improved the dynamic progress bar when publishing or exporting files. The publishing or exporting process is much clearer than before.
  • Fix: When exporting images, the export window may be blocked by the web browser.
  • Fix: The loading may fail when there are too many revision histories waiting to be loaded.
  • Fixed other problems with the Page tree.
  • Improved offline editing, and fixed many related issues.
  • Improved the way to show the row and column toolbar of the Table component. The toolbars always show on the top whenever and wherever you are trying to edit the Table component.
  • Improved the opacity setting. You can see the opacity changes instantly when adjusting the opacity number.
  • Fix: The text styles may be changed when you only apply the color asset to a text layer.
  • Fix: After cloning a project, the interaction of pages that use asset instances may become invalid
  • Fix: After cloning a project, the interaction of the page that uses the asset instance may not work anymore.
  • Fix: You cannot cancel the selection.
  • Fix: Components cannot be moved.
  • Added a "Back" button to let you quickly go back from the Preview mode to the Edit mode.
  • Improved the loading speed of the Preview mode.
  • Improved the content switching made with the Content Panel. When the switching content is the same as the original content, the switching animation will not work.
  • Fix: The Notes panel may not be completely shown in the Preview mode.
  • Fix: The tooltip of a layer group may not appear.
  • Fix: You cannot select and copy the text content of some components in the Sub-artboard.
  • Fix: People who don't have project access permission may still see the hidden pages.
Page Tree
  • Fix: You may accidentally create a new page after editing a text and clicking "Ctrl + Enter".
  • Fix: The project owner may be incorrectly displayed after moving a project across teams.
  • Improved the access strategy of Recycle Bin. Anyone with project access permissions can now directly view the deleted project in Recycle Bin.
  • Adjusted the project size limit. You can now import a much larger file in .mrp format.
  • Fix: When publishing an RP project to Mockplus Cloud, the sub-artboards of your project may be reordered in the single-page view.
  • Fix: The component notes added through right-click menu may not show up after you've published the project to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fixed other interface problems.