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Cloud vs Classic, What's the difference? Which one to choose?

Oliver M · 6302 · 1 · 2:58 AM    Jan 5, 2021

Hello guys, 

I'm a bit confused here, what's the difference between Mockplus Cloud and Mockplus Classic? 

I  know that one is on the cloud and the other is a desktop app. I'm interested to buy the Classic with the perpetual license, but not sure if I bought the right thing. 

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Mockplus Team

Hi there!  Mockplus Cloud is an all-in-one cloud platform for creating hi-fi prototypes, design collaboration, developer handoff, and design systems. It helps you streamline your entire design process. 

Well, Mockplus Classic is a desktop prototyping tool that can help you prototype web or mobile apps alone or in collaboration with others.

So, if you are looking for a desktop app to wireframe or prototype your project alone or with several partners quickly, Mockplus Classic would be OK. 

However, if you need to bring your entire team to the same project, create prototypes, collaborate, comment and handoff designs in one place and share the same design system, Mockplus Cloud would be a good option. 

12:13 PM    Jan 6, 2021



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