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JobGo: A Free Job Finder App UI Kit

Mockplus Team · 38.4k+ · 10 · Oct 14, 2022 Edit / Save

This free UI Kit is perfect for a job finder app. It features finding jobs near you by search filter and also will notify you of exciting opportunities. To apply, simply click on the job you want and push the ‘Apply Now’ button to get matched with an employer. You can also chat instantly with employers through the app to get your dream job. This UI Kit comes with 15 pages, including:

(1)Splash screen


(3)Sign up



(6)In call

(7)Search & search filter


Built with basic and simple components, images and shapes, this UI Kit is very easy to use for beginners. Go and try it out!

Project details

Job Finder; APP; UI Kit;

15 pages

RP File

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