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Desktop App Wireframe Kit - Film & Music App

Mockplus Team · 54.4k+ · 12 · Mar 6, 2023 Edit / Save

This template is a prototype design for a desktop app in the entertainment industry, focusing on movies and music. It comes in a single-color, low-fidelity style and includes a total of 15 pages, featuring:

(1)Movie home page, list page, and detail page

(2)Cartoon and TV show list page

(3)Various list pages, including music, news, media library, rankings, favorites, and live streaming

(4)Personal center, search, and 404 error page

The design incorporates RP native components such as buttons, rating systems, input boxes, sliders, dropdown menus, tabs, and checkboxes. Native icons are also used throughout the template. The basic page interactions have been set up, allowing users to experience the content framework and navigation logic of the entire product within the prototype. Try to customize it to speed up your next project now! 

Project details

Desktop App; Wireframe; Film & Music App;

13 pages

RP File

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