New in Nov
Released:  Dec 5, 2023
What's new
This release, you should notice the following:
- New ability to display and copy text content of Axure prototypes in Dev mode.
- New ability to save an online PRD as a Template and use templates when creating new ones
- Improved the operational performance in Storyboard
Design collaboration & handoff
  • Improved the offset view that occurred when zooming a page at a scale smaller than 30% under the single-page mode.
  • Improved the Figma file recognition. The component name is now displayed when selecting a component or its instance of your Figma design files under the Dev mode.
  • Fix: The button of adding a color asset may not work.
  • Fix: Your action of trying to expand or collapse all nodes on the Project Tree may not work
  • Fix: You may get unclear design issue when opening a preview link on mobile devices.
  • Fix: Your assets uploaded from Sketch may not be displayed in the Dev mode.
  • Fix: You cannot select a text beneath a mask in the Dev mode.
  • Fix: New font assets of your design system are incorrectly shown on Windows devices.
  • Fix: Fixed the lag issue that occurred when trying to merge page states in Storyboard.
Team and project management
  • Fix: When trying to multi-select page groups using "Shift" on the Project Tree, under the Storyboard or single page mode, the child pages within the group may be expanded.
  • New feature to download the online PRD in a Word format.
  • New ability to save an online PRD as a template and reuse it for creating new one.
  • Fix: After deleting the last document of the doc list, it will not automatically navigate to the top and select the first document of the doc list.
  • Fix: The comments on the document are invisible after cloning a project.
Sketch plugin
  • Improved the reminder for large artboards exceeding 20000px*2000px.
  • Fix: The icons and images were incorrectly identified as Symbols.
Photoshop Plugin Official version
  • Improved the startup status for Photoshop generator.
  • Fix: All Photoshop designs were incorrectly rasterized after uploading.
  • Fix: Some layers were lost when uploading a file without artboards created.
  • Fix: You might get incorrect gradient color areas after using Photoshop Beta version to add the gradient fill.
Photoshop Plugin Beta version
  • Fix: Fixed an exception error warning occurred during uploading.
Figma plugin
  • Improved the recognition for updating or changing images of your design.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Improved uploading performance;
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect component name issue occurring in nested components.
Axure plugin
  • Fix: Fixed the upload failed error problem occurring when the server was disconnected.
New in Oct
Released:  Oct 31, 2023
What's new
With this release, you may pay attention to the following changes:
- New project navigation bar added on the homepage
- New entrance to feedback or report a bug
- New feature to export member information with just one click
- Adjusted entrance to switch between different teams
- Enhanced design annotations, allowing you to hyperlink specific text portions and directly link to related Design or Prototype pages.
Design collaboration & handoff
  • New ability to record user activity when downloading pages.
  • New feature to show frames for Apple Watch and Car Infotainment projects in both Preview and Presentation modes.
  • New ability to open the Design or Prototype mode in a new window with a simple right click.
  • New options to open other Prototypes or return to the homepage under the single-page mode simply by hovering over the Back button in the upper left corner.
  • Improved the shared preview link. It now includes the name of the project.
  • Improved the revision histories, and now your comments are included in your revisions.
  • Improved the version comparison for Design pages, the differences now are clearly highlighted.
  • Upgraded Collaborators' access permission, allowing them to access different page states in Storyboard mode.
  • Fix: After updating a Library project, its cover may be restored to its default state.
  • Fix: The preview link of your RP project remains accessible even after the associated Cloud project, to which the RP project belongs, has been deleted.
  • Fix: The complex SVGs may not display after upload.
  • Fix: The historical version of Design pages may include some data of the new version when being zoomed in.
  • Fix: Your pages may be disordered when trying to multi-select and resort them.
  • Fix: Large artboard overlays didn't display in the center during presentations.
  • Fix: When a RP project has been updated, the single-page mode may not show the update reminder.
  • where single-page mode didn't provide update notifications after RP project updates.
Team/project management
  • New ability to show the specific creation date and time when hovering over the creation time on the project homepage.
  • Fix: When adjusting access permission of team members, you can only select one project folder.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue with abnormal selection of projects when inviting members and trying to select all.
  • Fix: After marking all notification messages as read, a red number reminder still persists.
Task management
  • New ability for Admins to delete tasks created by other team members.
  • New ability to mark all tasks that are assigned to me as read with just one click.
  • Enhanced the task list with the option to right-click on tasks and open them in a new window.
  • Improved the task list to allow direct modification of task status.
  • mark all tasks assigned to me as read with one click.
  • New buttons to quickly redo or undo your actions while editing the document.
  • New ability to batch select and delete documents on the Document Tree.
  • New ability to copy text from locally uploaded documents.
  • Adjusted the character limit for document titles and group names to be 40 characters.
  • Improved the deletion confirmation. The document name is now included.
  • Fix: You cannot copy and paste an image in your document.
  • Fix: Inserting a Design page into your document may cause it to jump to the first line unexpectedly.
  • Fix: Cloning projects on the Document Tree may change the structure of the Document Tree.
  • Fix: Your manual drag-and-drop sorting in the Document Tree was not working.
  • Fix: You may get two documents when trying to create a document with double clicks.
Sketch plugin
  • New UI upgrade brought a fresh look and experience.
Photoshop plugin (Official version)
  • Enhanced code parsing for the plugin.
  • Added support for uploading Smart Object assets in SVG format (for PS 2021 version).
  • Improved recognition of text uppercase properties during uploads.
Photoshop plugin (Beta version)
  • Introduced a new Photoshop plugin compatible with both M1/M2 macOS, and supporting Photoshop CC 2021 and later versions.
Axure plugin
  • Improved cache functionality to remember the plugin's position on your screen.
  • Fix: Page data wasn't recognized if their names included some special characters.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Added support for recognizing and displaying component names during uploads.
  • Improved the plugin path parsing.
New in June
Released:  Jun 29, 2023
What's new
With this new release, you should notice the following:
- New sticky notes to clarify any design concepts on Storyboard
- New flowchart tools to visualize any design flows and processes on Storyboard
- Design annotations can now include images and links
- Guest permission update allows Guests to comment on designs
- Sort pages by positions
Design collaboration & handoff
  • New ability to add sticky notes to clarify any design concepts on Storyboard.
  • New ability to add flowchart tools to visualize any design flows and processes directly on Storyboard.
  • New ability to delete RP pages when being published to Mockplus Cloud.
  • New ability to include images and links when adding design annotations.
  • New prompt to guide users when the internet is disconnected.
  • New ability to remind users when updating RP pages.
  • New ability to sort all pages of the left Project Tree based on their positions on the right canvas.
  • Updated guest access permissions. Guests can now leave a comment on designs.
  • Improved design annotation. You can now include images and links when adding design annotations.
  • Improved loading performance. The home page will be loaded faster than before.
  • Improved searching. Search for whatever you need faster.
  • Improved the display of pages on Storyboard. Once a page is selected, the related logic lines will also be highlighted.
  • Improved artboard selection. You can now select multiple artboards at once by holding "Shift".
  • Improved the page display in Recycle Bin. The hierarchical relations of pages will now be clearly displayed.
  • Improved the data recognition of Figma files, ensuring that the CSS values for blur and Gaussian blur in your Figma files are now accurately recognized and shown in Mockplus Cloud.
  • Improved the shadow display of PS files. The inner and outer shadows will be accurately recognized and shown in the Development mode after upload.
  • Improved the prompt reminder when users are trying to change the data source.
  • Fix: Your notes may not show when Axure files are uploaded to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: Compressing assets may not work when trying to download assets in .jpg format.
  • Fix: Your description added to logic lines may not completely show on Storyboard.
  • Fix: The image of your downloaded demo package cannot be loaded without an internet connection.
  • Fix: The unzipped files may be damaged after being downloaded from the Resource mode.
  • Fix: You may not successfully delete or sort pages with drag and drop occasionally.
  • Fix: When selecting a pin comment on the right Comment panel, the comment is not correspondingly located and expanded on the canvas.
  • Fix: Page interactions are incorrectly copied when trying to copy a page interaction to the current project.
  • Fix: The shortcut key "Backspace" may not work when trying to do some actions with the Project Tree.
  • Fix: The scrollbar of the Layer panel is overlapped with the "Disable layer" icon button and the tooltip of the selected layer.
  • Fix: You may switch two pages at once when switching between pages one by one using shortcuts.
  • Fix: Under the single-page mode, the page tags you've added to the Project Tree may get lost after refreshing or re-entering the project.
  • Fix: Your operation of resorting some prototype pages on the left Project Tree may not work.
Team and project management
  • New option to open a project in a new tab by clicking the right-click menu.
  • Improved the loading speed when opening projects.
  • Improved the project activities. The activity logs will include the membership approval information.
  • Improved the feature of inviting members. You can now select the projects and project folders the new members can join when setting the team-level invite link.
  • Improved the member deletion. If a member has not created any Cloud project, you'll not be asked to transfer his/her projects when being deleted off from the team.
  • Fix: When you've downloaded all resources by clicking "Select all", the download popup may show up again after you've switched to other design modes and back again.
  • Fix: Three alerts may appear when trying to name a new resource group under the Resource mode.
  • Fix: After refreshing the page, your action of moving projects and project folders may not work when logging in as a Member.
  • Fix: The inviter does not receive the membership request notification when a new user is trying to register through a mobile device and submit a membership request there.
  • New ability to record the action of deleting a comment in Document mode.
  • New option to open a document in a new tab by clicking the right-click menu on the left Document Tree.
  • Fix: Your downloaded/exported document may have an extra blank page.
  • Fix: The bullet points or numbers of your text content copied from external documents cannot be removed.
Task management
  • Improved the UI design of the task list.
  • Fix: The OK button is not grayed out when creating a new task group without a name entered.
Sketch plugin
  • Added support for Sketch 97 and later versions;
  • New ability to recognize the paragraph properties of your text layers;
  • New ability to recognize the opacity of gradient fills;
  • Improved the uploading of background colors when not ticking "Include in exports";
  • Improved the uploading strategy. The component order of the uploaded Libraries will be the same as in Sketch.
Photoshop plugin
  • New ability to recognize the paragraph properties of your text layers;
  • Improved the cropping of shadows added to layers that extend beyond the artboard;
  • Improved the uploading strategy. Now, the plugin will auto switch to the last project that you've uploaded to.
Adobe XD plugin
  • Improved the uploading strategy. Now, the plugin will auto switch to the last project that you've uploaded to;
  • Fix: Your team may be reset after refreshing.
Figma plugin
  • New UI upgrade, bringing a fresh look and experience.
  • New feature to recognize and upload the entire Section and frames within.
  • New ability to recognize the paragraph properties of your text layers.
  • New ability to recognize the opacity of gradient fills.
  • New helpful placeholders to guide users in selecting a project during their initial plugin use.
  • New reminder to notify users if their team's projects, team members, or other assets exceed the limit.
  • Improved project selection. The target project folder is now automatically expanded upon clicking;
  • Improved design uploading. The plugin now automatically switches to the last uploaded project for the current file;
  • Fix: The layers or layer groups using auto layout may be incorrectly sliced.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue of design assets being repositioned after upload.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 14, 2023
What's new
We've released the following new features:
- A new Sketch plugin that enables you to import designs, assets, and Libraries from Sketch
- Batch edit tasks, like deleting, and changing task status and assignee in bulk
- Link to a video when animating your designs in Prototype mode with drag-and-drop
- Customize the bottom toolbar location when you're in Storyboard or single page view
- Create both Asset and Library projects to build, share and reuse the same design system with your team
- Import assets and Libraries from Sketch to build, share and reuse the same design system with your team online
- Updated the Axure plugin and improved its performance
Collaboration & handoff
  • New ability to highlight the newly updated or uploaded designs by clicking the related notification message.
  • New ability to transfer the RP projects to others when removing a member.
  • New ability to combine the child pages when trying to combine page groups on the left Project Tree.
  • New ability to keep the interaction when trying to copy-and-paste or move both of the target and triggered pages of the interaction together.
  • New shortcuts to delete all annotations of a whole page by pressing "Alt + A" twice.
  • Improved the searching and loading speed under the Storyboard and single page views.
  • Improved compatibility with renowned web browsers like Safari and Firefox.
  • Improved the strategy of layer selection in Development mode. You are now able to freely check the distance between assets and other layers.
  • Improved the performance of the Prototype mode. The interaction of your prototype will never hang or freeze even if your prototype has too many pages.
  • Improved the performance of the Storyboard mode. The GIF images are previewed there now.
  • Improved the experience of dragging and dropping annotations in Review mode.
  • Fix: You may fail to upload an Axure file because the uploading time has exceeded the time limit.
  • Fix: You may get error messages when trying to resort or delete pages with drag-and-drop.
  • Fix: Your merged page stages may be unexpectedly separated when you've copied or moved them to the current or another project.
  • Fix: Your RP project may be changed somehow after being published to Mockplus Cloud. The number of pages, page names, and page sorting order may be different.
  • Fix: Fixed the inaccurate font weight issue.
  • Fix: Your teammates may be incorrectly taken into the Comment mode when you're trying to share the Prototype mode to them via the private share link.
  • Fix: The Prototype mode may crash when you are trying to upload a prototype with an unsupported format.
  • Team/Project management
  • Improved project creation. The default project type is also changed from "Private" to "Team".
  • Improved the experience of unregistered users. When they enter Mockplus Cloud via an invite link, the project homepage will automatically show "All projects", not "Recently viewed".
  • Improved member management. When trying to notify teammates after uploading design files, the newly added member group may not be included.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect expiry time issue.
  • Fix: You can invite others as an Admin to your team even when you're using the Free plan.
  • Fix: When you've set a team as the default team, you may still be taken into that team even after you're removed from the team.
  • Fix: Super Admins may get an error saying "You don't have permission to access this" when trying to transfer a team.
Task management
  • New feature to batch edit tasks, like deleting, and changing task status and assignee in bulk
  • Fix: When typing a very long description on the task popup, the scrollbar may not show up.
  • Fix: You cannot edit other task statuses after you've deleted a task status.
  • Document
  • Improved the loading speed of your document with much content.
  • Fix: When downloading a document, the loading icon still hangs even after the Download button shows.
  • Fix: Your document may be different in size when it has been downloaded.
  • Fix: The background colors, icons, and other content of your downloaded document may get lost.
  • Fix: Your document editing access may still work after you've closed the web browser while editing the document, and your teammates cannot continuously edit it.
Design system
  • New ability to create new Asset and Library projects to import and share assets and Libraries from Sketch. So, your entire team can build and maintain the same design system together in one place.
New Sketch plugin
  • We're excited to introduce our new Sketch plugin, which allows you to easily import your design files, assets, and Libraries from Sketch with a few clicks. You also can use the built-in Design System Checker to check whether the colors, texts, layer styles, and Symbols of your design files match with the selected design system. All in one place.
  • There are more features and improvements you should know about:
  • Show the number of pages when uploading design files
  • Upload the source files at the same time when uploading
  • Upload high-quality assets
  • Improved the uploading performance
  • Improved the artboard size range of the auto-detecting
Figma plugin
  • New ability to recognize the frames under the Section.
  • New ability to show the number of pages when uploading design files.
  • Improved the project selection. The project you've newly created will be auto-selected when uploading.
  • Fix: The project selected by default stays the same even when switching between different teams and projects.
Photoshop plugin
  • New ability to upload Smart Object assets.
  • Improved the artboard size range of the auto-detecting.
  • Fix: You may get error messages when trying to update the new plugin version.
  • Fix: You may not have any layers after uploading your design files.
  • Fix: The property of the Mask layer may be changed after the masked assets were uploaded.
  • Fix: The design file may be empty after being uploaded.
Adobe XD
  • New ability to identify file names when uploading design files.
  • Improved the artboard size range of the auto-detecting.
  • Improved the strategy to show joined teams based on the roles of users.
Axure plugin
  • New ability to log in via your web browser.
  • Improved the file parsing speed of large files.
  • Improved the project selection. The project you've newly created will be auto-selected when uploading.
  • Updated the plugin interface.