New in Nov
Released:  Nov 22, 2022
What's new
We've released a series of new features, improvements and fixes to simplify your design process:
- Mockplus DT now shares the same team with Mockplus RP and Mockplus Cloud, making it easy to share data between all these Mockplus products.
- Import Sketch, Figma and DT files to get started quickly
- Export your DT files as Sketch files
- Add offline prompts to guide users when the network is unstable or disconnected. All offline changes would be auto synced when the network is restored.
Feature updates
  • Support adding SVG icons by copying the SVG codes.
  • Support batch importing Sketch files with drag-and-drop.
  • Support exporting the source file of DT in a .mdt format.
  • Added a shortcut to to increase the font size with "Ctrl +Alt + +".
  • Added a shortcut to to decrease the font size with "Ctrl +Alt + -".
  • Improved the navigation style under the Preview mode.
  • Changed the shortcut key of Pen tool to "P".
  • Changed the shortcut keys of Pencil tool to "Shift + P".
  • Changed the shortcut keys of copying styles to "Ctlr + Alt +C".
  • Changed the shortcut keys of pasting styles to "Ctlr + Alt +V".
  • Changed the shortcut keys of bringing to front to "Ctrl + Alt+ ]".
  • Changed the shortcut keys of sending to back to “Ctrl + Alt+ [”.
  • Fix: Fixed the lagging issue that occurs when deleting many pages or artboards.
  • Fix: The background color of the artboard may after publishing files to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: You may fail to import some Figma files by using Figma file link.
Introducing Mockplus DT
Released:  Jul 11, 2022
What's new
In this release, we've introduced Mockplus DT, a vector-based UI desgin tool for teams to design in the way they want to. You can learn more in our help center.
Everyone can use it to deliver all possible design details to devs by using:
  • Real-time designing and collaboration
  • Ready-to-use design assets, templates and UI kits
  • Powerful vector editing offers infinite design possibilities
  • The plugin marketplace that helps to add new functionalities to fit all design scenarios