New in Nov
Released:  Nov 5, 2023
What's new
Here are the key updates you should know in this release:
- Improved the Asset Libraries. You can now group, ungroup, delete and manage your assets with shortcuts.
- Improved the recognition strategy of normal layers, text layers and frame asset layers after being published to Mockplus Cloud.
Feature updates
  • Improved the Text widget. A new right-click menu is added to help you do more operations under its editing mode, such as copying and pasting selected text.
  • Improved the Asset Libraries. You can now group, ungroup, delete and manage your assets with shortcuts.
  • Improved the Auto Layout feature. When elements within auto-layout are selected, the auto-layout area will be displayed with a blue dashed border, making it easy to perceive the operable area of auto-layout elements.
  • Improved the dropdown box status of the layer and text styles.
  • Improved the asset restoration related to the imported Figma files.
  • Improved the slicing strategy when publishing projects to Mockplus Cloud, retaining only sublayer slices.
  • Fix: You cannot adjust the radius of the duplicates when using "Rotate copies".
  • Fix: You can still drag and drop an element into the framer even when you've enabled the auto layout and locked it.
  • Fix: You may not select a layer under a slice when adding a slice.
  • Fix: After editing the child layer of a Master, the layer name within instances is not changed synchronously.
  • Fix: The background blur settings of a framer may not work.
  • Fix: The recently viewed page list may be displayed incorrectly when managing project pages.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect layer hierarchy when dragging layer outside a frame using shortcuts " Ctrl + Alt".
  • Fix: Your assets are not sorted in the Arabic numeral order after adding numbers to asset names.
  • Fix: The assets of hidden layers are still visible after publishing the project to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: You may be redirected to the homepage, not the related project folder, when returning back from the edit mode.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect layer position issue that occurred when scaling the canvas during layer dragging.
  • Fix: Part of your components were not updated to the latest version when copying and pasting instances across projects.
  • Fix other problems.
New in Oct
Released:  Oct 31, 2023
What's new
Here are the new features you should know:
- New auto layout
- New Domment mode to leave comments directly anywhere of your design
- New Development mode for developers to view layer measurements, download assets, and get CSS code snippets and more
- New ability to upload and share custom fonts across teams
- New ability to select all objects with the same characters
- New ability to set and manage project access, like Can View, Can Manage and Can Edit
- New feature to quickly search for menus, plugins and shortcuts using "Ctrl + /"
Feature updates
  • New ability to select all objects with the same characters.
  • New shortcuts "Ctrl + /" to quickly search for menus, plugins and shortcuts.
  • New auto layout, allowing you to create designs that automatically adapt as the content within a frame, component, or component group changes.
  • New feature to set grids and layouts with ease.
  • Changed the Artboard into Frame, which is a container that allows you to nest your design content, adjust its corner radio, make it rotate and set other styles.
  • New ability to show and hide instances using shortcut "Del" or through right-click menu.
  • New feature to inherit the component overrides. When replacing components, they can now inherit the overrides of the same style.
  • New ability to upload, manage and share custom fonts across teams, without having to download the local font assistant anymore.
  • New ability to favorite commonly-used fonts for later reuse.
  • New ability to set and manage project access, like Can View, Can Manage and Can Edit, making it much safer for you to share your projects or project folders.
  • New shortcut "=" to quickly adjust gradient color anchor points.
  • New ability to move the frame selection area by holding “Spacebar”.
  • Improved the color picking on Mac. You can now selecting part of texts within a document and use shortcut "Ctrl+C" to quickly pick colors.
  • Improved the Magnifier tool. When using "Z + Click" to zoom in a layer, it won't trigger content editing anymore.
  • Improved the search styles of the edit mode. The search styles in the Layer panel, Asset panel, and Property panel now remain the same.
  • Improved the Symbol creation. When you select a container to create as a Symbol, you now have the option to "Send Symbol to Symbol Page".
  • Improved SVG code pasting, ensuring that the generated icons are always centered within the visible area.
  • Improved click-through selection. When double clicking without moving the mouse, you can keep clicking to select layers within. When holding Ctrl to pass through selection, you can now directly select sub-layers within an instance.
  • Improved the Sketch file importing.
  • Improved the version histories, allowing you to filter All, Autosave versions and Manual save versions.
  • Improved image import, allowing you to import images in .webp format.
  • Improved the display of text overrides. Text content will auto wrap for better readability.
  • Improved asset preview. When you select an asset for preview, the Property panel will auto scroll to the position where you can view the preview completely.
  • Improved the project sharing. When sharing a project, its name will be automatically included in the share link.
  • Improved the container cloning. When cloning multiple containers, they will now maintain the same relative positions as the cloning source.
  • Improved Pen tool, allowing you to use shortcuts like Ctrl, Spacebar, Shift and more.
  • Improved the error message for failed exports when the slice size is too large.
  • Improved batch image import. Your batch imported images will be automatically resorted and organized.
  • Improved the right-click menu for component instances. You can now quickly jump from nested instances to their source.
  • Improved the asset library management. Shared asset libraries can now be managed and filtered by your workspaces, such as personal and team space.
  • Fix: Fixed the lagging issue of the Symbol page.
  • Fix: All teammates may get notified even when @mentioning only one person in a comment.
  • Fix: Some special symbols may appear when pressing the Tab key during text editing.
  • Fix: Shortcuts "Ctrl + Click" did not select child layers when a group was selected.
  • Fix: Fixed the incorrect positioning issue when cloning with shortcut "Alt".
  • Fix: You may not close the "Share" window using the "ESC" button.
  • Fix: Exporting a Sketch file, then importing it into DT, would result in instances with a white background being added.
  • Fix: Symbol layers could be clicked through with multiple clicks.
  • Fix: Your dragging may not work when triggering the Hand tool using the Spacebar in Comment mode.
  • Fix: Clicking missing fonts may not response.
  • Fix: Inputting illegal characters may make the editor crash.
  • Fix: Fixed the unclear grid line issue.
  • Fix: Some icons in the project were not visible and required double-clicking or refreshing to make them appear.
  • Fix: Selecting text inside an instance did not allow to set a text override.
  • Fix: Renaming a component did not automatically expand its child layers.
  • Fix: Figma nested selections, when converted into a DT group, did not render the hue property.
  • Fix other problems.
New in June
Released:  Jun 29, 2023
What's new
With this release, you can check the following:
- New featured templates for you to start your design as soon as possible
- New ability to directly import Figma local files for further editing
- New ability to export projects as PDF files
- New color overrides allow you to edit the colors of instances
- New shortcuts to help you design much faster
- New demo project helps you get started with DT in minutes
Feature updates
  • New ability to manually enter the desired zoom ratio in the editing mode.
  • New feature to import Figma local files in just a few clicks.
  • New ability to export projects as PDF files.
  • New color overrides allow you to edit the colors of instances.
  • New demo project allows you to get started with DT in just minutes.
  • New shortcut keys "home/end" to switch between artboards on the canvas and quickly select the desired one based on their positions.
  • New shortcut keys "Ctrl+shift+O" to quickly offset paths.
  • New shortcut keys to set the text styles (You may click "F1" to view all shortcut keys).
  • New color overrides allow you to edit the colors of instances.
  • New menu option to expand or collapse all nodes.
  • Added a new view option called "Multiplayer cursors" to show the name label of users working on the same design page.
  • New shortcut keys "Ctrl+Alt+Click" to expand or collapse page groups when selecting artboards or page groups on the Layer Tree panel.
  • New shortcuts "Spacebar/Shift +Left/Mouse wheel/Right click" to zoom or move artboards quickly.
  • New ability to keep the size changes when external or shared libraries are updated.
  • New ability to enter some special signals when using default fonts.
  • Improved the display of overrides on the right panel, much more clearly and precisely.
  • Improved the recognition of Figma files. Your file details are restored more accurately.
  • Improved gradient color settings by adding horizontal/vertical snapping effects to the gradient handles, making it easier to achieve precise and aligned gradients.
  • Improved the performance of frame selecting a large number of layers.
  • Improved searching. Now, you can search for desired one from all pages and layers of the current project at your fingertips.
  • Improved the feature to copy and paste styles, allowing you to copy the corner settings of the selected layers.
  • Improved mask settings, enabling you to add a mask even when you've selected only one layer.
  • Improved the page rendering and zooming performance of large artboards.
  • Improved the detail restoration of SVG and PDF files.
  • Improved the image loading of the offline HTML prototype.
  • Improved the selection of locked layers. You can now select locked layers on the canvas.
  • Improved the way of uploading image overrides. You can now simply upload a new image override with double clicks.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue of frequent zooming and capturing screenshots causing browser memory crashes and black screens, providing a more stable and reliable browsing experience.
  • Fix: The artboards of the exported offline HTML prototype may be incorrectly ordered.
  • Fix: You may not find the linked external libraries when importing Sketch files.
  • Fix: When cutting partial text of an element, the text styles may not be correctly captured.
  • Fix: When rotating layers by holding "Shift", it may jitter all the time.
  • Fix: Your page may get stuck when trying to change the dash border of an element.
  • Fix: When trying to resize layer groups, the layer may jitter.
  • Fix: When trying to clone some artboards and layers isometrically by using the shortcut "Alt", some layers may get lost.
  • Fix: When exporting an asset in .svg format, you may get an empty file.
  • Fix: When publishing DT files to Mockplus Cloud, the exported assets may be changed.
  • Fix: When tidying up layers, they may be incorrectly positioned.
  • Fix: Your color settings may not work.
  • Fix: When moving layers across artboards, the hierarchy of your layers may be changed.
  • Fix: You may get errors when converting multiple component assets into artboards.
  • Fix: You don't get any response when scaling layers on the canvas by using the shortcut "Ctrl+K".
  • Fix other problems.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 14, 2023
What's new
This release brings the following new features and improvements:
- Three golden ratio overlays - Golden Spiral, Golden Grid, and Golden Rectangle - to help you aesthetically layout your interface at a perfect ratio
- Improved the performance and stability
- Added support for previewing your DT projects on our mobile app
Feature updates
  • New ability to show name labels that enable you to see who else are also working on the same interface and what changes they are making at the same time.
  • New feature to quickly select layers behind the overlaying artboards.
  • Added support for automatically generating default thumbnails for projects
  • Added a new button to expand or collapse the pages.
  • New ability to directly copy and paste a local image to fill a vector shape.
  • Added a new loading bar to improve the user experience when creating or refreshing pages.
  • Added a feature to set a page as a cover through right-click menus.
  • Added a feature to add borders to new layers using shortcut "B".
  • Added a new property to adjust the corner radius of shape components like Polygon and Star.
  • Improved the project moving. You can now directly drag a project into a project folder listed in the left-upper corner.
  • Improved the loading performance of large projects.
  • Improved the performance of page zooming.
  • Improved the performance of cloning, frame selecting, dragging and dropping, and deleting layers.
  • Improved the layers' selection style on the workspace.
  • Improved the page renaming. You can now add several blank spaces to your page name.
  • Improved the selection area of layers under a smaller view.
  • Fix: When copying and pasting external text into a text layer, your operations may not work.
  • Fix: When updating a Text Style, the width of the instances may be changed.
  • Fix: When a Color Variable has been applied to a layer, the color panel does not change correspondingly.
  • Fix: The blurred background of your imported Sketch file may be incorrectly restored.
  • Fix: The background color of your imported Figma file may be incorrectly restored.
  • Fix: Your imported image may have black borders.
  • Fix: The "Back" button may not work when publishing a project to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: You may get incorrect corner radius after publishing projects to Mockplus Cloud.
  • Fix: When you select a layer in the workspace, the same layer may not be highlighted on the left Layer tree.
  • Fix: When multiple selecting texts and changing colors, the font and font size may be changed.
  • Fix: When adding an icon by copying and pasting SVG code, you may get the wrong icon size.
  • Fix: The Smart layout of your imported Sketch file may not work.
  • Fix: After you've deleted a page, the Home page is always automatically selected then.
  • Fix: Fixed the page crash issue that occurs when you're using the "Tidy" button to quickly align layers.