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jeremiah · 2356 · 2 · 3:03 PM    May 10, 2022

Unable to modify page size.  It appears locked at 6000 in height.   When I attempt to extend to 7000, the "Apply" button does not work. 

How do change this value to make the page size larger?

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  1. Launch Mockplus Classic and open the project in which you want to set the page size.

  2. Select a Page: If your project has multiple pages, select the specific page for which you want to set the page size.

  3. Adjust Page Properties:

    • Look for the "Page Properties" section or a similar option in the software
    • 마나 토끼 주소 
    • interface.
    • In the "Page Properties" section, you should see options to adjust the page width and height.
  4. Enter Dimensions:

    • Enter the desired dimensions for the width and height of the page.
    • You can usually specify the dimensions in pixels.

10:52 AM    Aug 23, 2023



Mockplus Team

Hello Jeremiah, 

Yes, the max size you can create with Mockplus Classic is 6000 * 6000 px. 

If you really need to create an artboard much larger than 6000 px, you may try our online prototyping tool Mockplus RP here: 

It not only helps you create a larger artboard, and also is designed with far more advanced features to simplify your prototyping, such as code-designing, vector-drawing, lifelike interactions, repsonsive design and more. 

You can also watch this video to learn more about it: 

1:05 AM    May 11, 2022



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