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Is Mockplus compatible with Adobe XD or Sketch?

rahulsinr6332 · 1802 · 4 · 6:45 PM    Aug 10, 2023

Could you please provide more information about Mockplus's compatibility with widely used design formats and tools such as Sketch or Adobe XD? How does Mockplus facilitate a smooth integration with these tools, and what benefits does this compatibility offer to designers and developers working on projects that involve these platforms?

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Mockplus's connectivity with Sketch and Adobe XD offers a significant advantage by enabling efficient collaboration between designers and developers. Mockplus offers a collaborative platform that enables designers to share their prototypes with developers. Developers can then examine the design intricacies, access design specifications, and extract assets directly from the imported files. Enter the hypnotic world of Tunnel Rush, a game that throws you into a cosmic tube where anything could happen. As you move through a vividly abstract landscape, you'll be pushed to the limits of your skills.

10:16 AM    Dec 5, 2023



  • From Sketch to Mockplus: You can export your Sketch designs as image files (e.g., PNG, JPEG) and then import these image files into Mockplus to use as reference images iphone 13 ringtone download or for creating interactive prototypes.

  • From Adobe XD to Mockplus: Similarly, you can export your Adobe XD designs as image files and import them into Mockplus.

11:08 AM    Oct 31, 2023



Mockplus is a standalone prototyping tool, and it is not directly compatible with Adobe XD or Sketch in the sense of sharing project files between them. However, Mockplus can be used alongside Adobe XD or Sketch in your design and prototyping workflow through interest rate calculator. Here's how:

  1. Design in Adobe XD or Sketch: Create your design assets, layouts, and visual elements using Adobe XD or Sketch. Both Adobe XD and Sketch are powerful design tools that allow you to create detailed interface designs.

1:40 PM    Oct 9, 2023


Mockplus Team


May I ask more about your needs? Mockplus right now offers a unique design collaboration and handoff tool, Mockplus Cloud, for designers and developers to collaborate better, which integrates with tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop and Axure. 

What you're supposed to do is only download the plugin, and try to import your files from these tools for further collaboration and handoff with automatic specs, assets, code snippets and more deliverables. 

You may just read more details here:

2:19 AM    Aug 14, 2023


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